Project Spotlights

Micropile Underpinning

NW Civil designed and installed injection bored (IBO) micropiles to support existing footings in order to allow excvation and construction of new foundations adjacent to and beneath the exsting structures. These micropiles were drilled through very dense cobbles and boulders to provide support capacities in excess of 30 kips per pile. Underpinning brackets were used to connect the micropiles to the existing foundations.

Slope Stability Improvement

NW Civil completed construction of this design-build slope improvement and wall replacement project in June. The project is located along the Puget Sound bluff in Tacoma, Washington. A combination of soil nailing, reticulated micopiles, and MSE walls were used to stabilize the existing slope and gravity walls.

Burke-Gilman Rock Butress

rock butress photo

NW Civil worked with a private homeowner and the Seattle Parks Department to install a rock butress stabilization along a section of the Burke-Gilman Trail. Detailed scheduling and management allowed the construction phase to be completed within 5 days. Trail use was maintained through the entire project.

Soil Nail Shoring Wall

NW Civil recently completed this design-build soil nail shoring wall as part of the Baker River Fish Passage Project in Concrete, Washington. This project was completed as a fast-track design-build project to allow construction of a temporary crane access road. The soil nail wall was designed to support both the excavation cut and the existing historic concrete retaining wall above it.

Western Marine

NW Civil completed the civil construction phase for the Western Marine office building in November 2009. We provided complete site civil and shoring design & permitting for this 5-story office building located within an ECA landslide area of West Seattle. We completed this project as a design-build by performing all the site civil and shoring construction.

News & Information

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Design-Build Professionals

NW Civil is a full service engineering firm and general contractor combined under one seamless small business entity. Founded with the specific purpose of providing complete turnkey design-build solutions, NWC has performed many successful design-build projects for both private and public sector clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in design-build projects within the civil, environmental, and geotechnical fields. Our staff is made up of talented professionals with a passion for performing turnkey projects that test both our design innovation and construction abilities. We truly believe that this passion for both engineering and construction gives us the unique ability to provide exceptional value and quality to our clients.